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5 Toxic Beliefs You Must Eliminate If You Want A Happy Life

A motivational video showing us that we need to acknowledge the negative beliefs within us and focus more on making the positive change in ourselves.

1. Blaming other people.
We often put the blame on other people when you don’t get to where we need to be or have what we want. But we never look inward at ourselves this way when in many cases we need to. It is down to us to change and overcome. Take the best from any bad situations and use it to move on.

2. Belief that successful people are greedy or selfish.
We all define our own success. Once we reach a place where we are happy with our lives, we are successful. There is no greed to be had there. Plus the fact that many wealthy people are adding value to the rest by what they do, so are in fact helping not hindering.

3. Believing everything you hear, not having a mind of your own.
There is no need to gossip about others as you draw all your attentions to others and away from looking after yourself. Make your opinions of people by what you yourself see them do, not what you hear second hand.

4. Believing you need other people to complete you.
Having others around you will not complete you, no matter how much you may want them to. Allow yourself to be free from others and control your own destiny. Do not leave it to others to tell you how to act or feel.

5. Allowing money too control your decisions.
There is nothing wrong with having money, but it does not create happiness or love. Do not focus on the materialistic aspects of your life but the quality of life you can bring yourself and others around you.

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