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3 Simple Habits to Double Your Productivity

A motivational speech shows us three ways to obtain the focus required to get any job accomplished and that thinking about our tasks is only a part of the story.

Many of us do things which are productive but we may not put 100% into them for various reasons. We need to change this thinking and make sure we put all our efforts into every task, which in turn will increase the ability to do more for everything else in our lives.

1. Give yourself a reason to be productive:
You need to have dreams and ambitions of where you want to go with your life. Once you care for the work you wish to do you have an end goal to aim for. Without this reason the drive is much less and the speed of productivity slows. Also, if the dream will impact many others when it is completed you will have the focus to complete on time and professionally to influence those you present to.

2. Don’t be reactive:
We often react too much to everything going on around us, but much of it doesn’t actually bring us closer to the objectives we have to complete. You can get caught up too much in the news of others which distracts us, particularly through technology. We need to work on bringing the control back to ourselves and not getting caught up in the goals of others.

3. Do the little things to improve your life:
Break through the barriers of protection we give ourselves when a situation could be risky. Never hesitate in doing things that could lead to a better life. Create habits that get you doing things rather than just keeping them as thoughts which could be acted upon in the future. There will always be times which are daunting but we should see them as opportunities rather than fears.

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