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Gema Ramirez

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3 Keys to becoming a Conscious Leader

The C.A.B. of Conscious Leadership: the 3 Keys to becoming a Conscious Leader

´Play to Win´ was the name of the course. Any excuse to visit London, my favorite city in later spring was good enough. On top of that, the course was free and it looked like I was going to go deep into some serious self-development dynamic. Great! Inspired by learning, it all felt like a perfect weekend away. I was going with a couple of Friends too, so sightseeing and dinners out were part of the deal. I felt coky and full on with power and it was time to show it off, I was energetically dressed up as the Conscious Leader I want to inspire everyone to become.

Little did I know I was up for a huge shock and more than a deep transformational life changing experience.

The 3 day course was intensive. Accustomed to the marathons of motivational grilling, endorphin high powered sessions and active moving and shouting on my Firewalking training a few months earlier, the pace of this course felt slow the first day. I did continue though, my non quitting and hard skinned resistance would not allow me to. My hard earned wisdom knows that what you resist persist, so I was not resisting, I chose to allow and I let myself deeply go into the depths of every game in the course.

I was not playing to win though, like the tittle of the game said. Winning was not in my DNA at the time, as I found out, and I didn´t want it to be either. I was playing to show off without being noticed… huh! What an incredible discovery I made about myself! And if that was not big enough, I realised, after 3 days of intense gaming, frustration and failing at every game, that I was not anywhere near the Conscious Leader I was claiming myself to be and that I wanted everyone to transform into.

Sunday evening came quick and up at the stage, microphone in hand feeling like second nature after a whole weekend going up and down the stage, I confessed to my whole audience, in that emotionally touchy way I learnt I could do… ´I am a fraud´, I said, ´I feel like going home and take all my websites down. I constantly speak about Conscious Leadership, of my values, my global vision and dream of everyone becoming a Conscious Leader during my lifetime… and by playing these games, by taking true leadership roles in these mind-blowing and fast learning games, I have realised I am not a Conscious Leader at all, in fact, I am not even calling myself a leader now´…

I left the course feeling the bitter taste of the loser plus the sweeter smell of the huge cake in the oven, and the cake was me joining the big family of Frontier Trainings, the Company that delivers this immersive, fast training, unique game technology workshop. I didn´t have a doubt, this was for me. I must become the leader I claim to be, I must learn to drive a Conscious Business and speak from my Heart yet with skills to truly Inspire an audience. And I knew I was in the right place and with the right crowd to support me in getting there.

I arrived home and I didn´t tore my websites off though. Instead, I read them, re-read them, make slight changes… and started to own the content of my website, my values, my dreams, my visions, my missions… they all began to make sense and change my core into the person I wanted to become. I had truly found my Purpose… my Soul´s Purpose: becoming that Conscious Leader was my job inspiring others to be it, my Soul´s Purpose.

Since then, things started to click into place. The empty words in my mission statement became my reason for living.

As I consciously decided to become first the Conscious Leader I want to inspire Humanity to become, it was clear to me that I had to follow Gandhi´s popular quote at Heart and ´become the change I wish to see in the world´. I knew that if I walk into the change, I become the change itself.

With that Conscious decision, Life started to throw situations at me where I had to step up and be the Conscious Leader I was becoming. I have grown massively into a Woman 5.0, I now use the adjective Business to describe myself as the Business Woman I always wanted to become. I have become aware that I am in fact a Leader… not a noisy leader, who makes a strong stand, who moves masses actively shouting or commanding… I am a Leader of the Heart, I lead through Inspiration, Love and Compassion. I lead by showing what Peace feels like. I lead letting my Heart and Soul merge into a unison of Beauty. I lead with my writings, that come from a space of Love and Unity Consciousness. I lead by being vulnerable, exposing my flaws and weaknesses, letting others know about my wounds and how I heal them. I lead from the back, empowering others from the silence, like Simon Sinek cleverly say:
Leaders always eat last. – Simon Sinek

And in my search for Conscious Leadership through direct experience and one step at a time (as my beloved teacher St. Germain used to say), I have come to the conclusion that 3 key things are required to become a Conscious Leader:

Through my own process of becoming a Conscious Leader I have learnt that COURAGE comes in many colours. It is Courage that makes me follow my Soul´s Purpose without hesitation. It is Courage that makes me do things in spite of my fears. It is Courage that people see as my main ability as a leader when I show up my biggest weaknesses; this by itself transforms people. By understanding Courage, I understood Lance Secretan´s definition of Courage in his remarkable CASTLE© principles:
Courage: “Reaching beyond the boundaries of our existing limitations, fears and beliefs.” – Lance Secretan, “The Spark, the Flame and the Torch”

People like leaders who take ACTION. People like to see leaders DOING as well as BEING, all in the Congruency and Coherence of the Union of Heart and Mind. It is Action that draws people in. Action is activism. Action from the Heart is Love in motion. Inspired Action takes us to a place of Unconditional Love for everything we do. Because Action comes from knowing your Soul´s Purpose. And once you know your Soul´s Purpose and gather the Courage to follow it and let go everything and everyone that does not support it, you have no option but to take Action. In fact, it is not you taking Action, it is your Soul: as soon as you surrender to your Soul´s Purpose and let go, your Soul takes over and starts moving, taking Action. Action is Divine Energy moving through you, flowing your Love out there through your own Creations, your projects, your work. And that Divine Energy in Action makes everything you do a Divine Creation. This is the God / Goddess in you. The masculine Divine energy in you that has Focus, Drive, Ambition and Linear direction that makes you DO things.

The Conscious Leader must BE, not only DO things. That Beingness comes from the Spirit too, from the Divine Feminine Energy that takes you in circular motion, that Flows, Creates, Inspires. The Divine Feminine makes you stop and smell the roses. It sees Beauty everywhere. The Divine Feminine arouses the desire of communion with something bigger and sparks the fire of Passion within you. When the Leader embraces the feminine part of him or herself, the Leader becomes Loving, becomes Compassionate; the Leader becomes a Conscious Leader. The nature of the Divine Feminine is to embrace everything, so she embraces the masculine part, the Action, so necessary for her evolution and the evolution of the whole. She infuses that Action with the Love and the Compassion to make every Action an act of Peace. Feminine energy welcomes the Integrity of the Beingness, the Congruency of the Action with the Purpose. The Divine Feminine soothes the ego and encourages it; she tells it how wonderful it is, empowering it and making it rise to its best potential. The Divine Feminine is the Fire that Ignites that Action, the fuel that feeds that Passion, the Energy that Transmutes a mediocre task into a Divinely Orchestrated Mission.

In order to become a Conscious Leader I need to take a C.A.B. (Courage, Action, Beauty). That C.A.B. takes me anywhere I want to go because it makes me full and whole, unlimitless and free.

I will be keep exploring where that CAB takes me into my Conscious Leadership journey.

Wanna ride with me?

You can start by joining my Global Consciousness Summit? I have invited global Conscious Leaders to come and speak to us about they are changing their world from their own C.A.B.s, being agents of change in their respective areas of expertise.

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