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13 Habits That Are Destroying Your Motivation

A video takes us through 13 habits that may be effecting you now and stopping you achieving your full potential and the goals you wish to accomplish.

You will always have tasks that need completing for your visions to come to life. To better get a grip on this, you have to understand what can make you motivated, but also what can that away from you so you can make the right decisions for your future:

1. Failing to set goals.
If you don’t give yourself goals to aim for you will lack purpose and direction for anything you may have wanted to accomplish. Decide what you want.

2. Giving up too easily.
If you expect results immediately you will really get them, and after a short space of time the passion disputes and move onto something else. be determined to push forward for however long something takes.

3. Not having faith in yourself.
You must consider yourself capable in achieving anything. Think back on the skills you possess and how they have gotten you this far in life, and use that to push past any negativity you have.

4. Waiting for motivation to strike.
Change your emotions so you feel the right way and simply take action to jump start the motivation into gear. This, in turn aids in helping you feel even better for success.

5. Working on too many things.
If you decide to take on many things at the some time, you won’t actually finish much as you spread yourself too thin. Pick the tasks that will yield the greatest outcome and do one thing at a time to complete everything you need.

6. Being Indecisive.
If you are afraid to make a decision, you will never get anywhere as you dare not fail. Set deadlines and but a moment to reflect to make the best possible decision you can.

7. Frequent Procrastinating.
Make sure you can organise well so tasks don’t slip away from you as you don’t have them in your mind. Setting your tasks out will improve your efficiency and get rid of wasted time.

8. Not getting enough rest.
Without sleep, we lose the ability to focus on the task at hand and end up not caring about what we know we should do.

9. Letting temporary feelings get in your way.
Never let short term emotions stop your overall progress. Take the small steps required to get things done to keep the motivation going.

10. Getting distracted easily.
Many things around us will seem more appealing but stop us from reaching our goals. Do everything in your power to focus on what needs to be done without letting something eat into your time for no benefit.

11. Comparing yourself to others.
Looking at what others have that you doing not saps your motivation and makes you feel negative about what you were doing. Instead learn from them but take your own path to success.

12. Dwelling on temporary setbacks.
Setbacks are inevitable. They cannot be avoided sometimes, but can always be overcome by looking at them as obstacles to be conquered on your way to the fins line.

13. Insisting on Perfection.
If you try and do everything perfectly, you will never hit your targets and loose sight of accomplishment. Work hard and enjoy the final product having done the best you could possibly do.


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