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Self development can often be a confusing place to lay your hat, so many opinions and so much advice that it can leave you head spinning and you end up more confused than when you started off on this brand new path. Below are just SOME of the principles that we feel are key to your self development. At the end of the day, you will probably want to find your own way and nothing is applicable across the board. The Success4 Team have one key goal and that is to give you a SAFE place to enter into the world of self development, we hope some of these principles help you in some way.

1. Develop a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve in your life. Carry this vision in your mind at all times. This is the starting point to success.

2. Believe without any doubt that you will achieve your dreams.

3. Stay away from negative influences such as negative people, books, articles, etc. Surround yourself with things that boost your belief in yourself and your future success.

4. Take responsibility for your future. Do not depend on anybody. Take responsibility for your life and don’t doubt success.

5. Make a habit of repeating positive affirmations. Speak out your affirmations in present tense as opposed to future tense. Writing down affirmations is even more effective. This helps your mind stay fixed and focused on your goals. This is also a good way to build your self-confidence and deepen your beliefs.

6. Make a firm commitment to action. Once you decide to take action, stay committed and never give up! Once you deter from commitment, your belief becomes shaky and unstable. If this happens, your efforts will collapse like a deck of cards. You will have wasted all the time and energy you invested in your efforts. So stay committed.

7. Set a specific goal. If you know what you really want to achieve, you need to define it by making it a goal. Set specific goals. Your goals should be precise, measurable, realistic and timed.

8. Work out a plan of action. Break down your plan into smaller tasks or units. Do your task in smaller steps. Take one step or two each day while reminding yourself that each step is taking you closer to your goal. Your actions should be filled with faith, determination and purpose. Consistency is vital to reach your goal.

9. Never give up until you have achieved what you desire. Persistence is the key to success. Treat every failure as a learning opportunity. But push yourself towards your goal with stronger faith.

10. Maintain an attitude of gratitude, realizing that your dream is becoming a reality. Look around you and be grateful for things that you already have such as a home, loving family, etc.  Just stay grateful.

11. Be a giver – give your time, money and service to others. Be kind and generous to all.

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